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Dea Burlew

Photographer Designer



Date of Birth:



A Bit About Me

I began my journey as a photographer in 2007. I didn't know how pivotal it would be in my growth as a person and  a creative. In 2009 I completed my BA in Multidisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. I chose homeschooling as a career as we traveled the country. It wasn't until a change of events in 2018 that I landed in California and by 2019 felt a calling to pursue Photography even deeper as a professional and student. I began taking classes at Sierra College in spring 2020. Through an additional set of events I took another chance in Graphic Design and realized I have a passion for that which has built into a fondness for Web Design. Currently I am working in a Marketing Department and feel as though I have found a place in the marketing environment. A place that uses most all of my skills and abilities. I enjoy being with people and I am looking for that which I can get behind and fully promote. I continue to press on to find my place in this world to serve God with my talents and abilities. 

Work Experience

May 2022 - Current 

August 2022 - Current

January 2022 - Current

Sierra College Marketing Department- Web Design and Migration. Interactive Map Design. Work closely with the President's office handling promotional opportunities. 

City of Rocklin- Photographer 

Wild Olives Studio- Wedding, event, promotional photograph with a keen eye for landscape elements. 


Adobe Suite WordPress
Concept 3D Monday

Social Media


Publication Design






BA Multidisciplinary Studies

Liberty University 2009

Summa Cumme Laude

AS Photography

Sierra College 2022

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

AS Graphic Design

Sierra College 2022 PTK

AS Digital Media

Sierra College 2022 PTK

AS Web and Interaction Design

Sierra College 2023 PTK

Certificate of Achievement


Photographic Processes

Sierra College 2022

Color Photography

Sierra College 2022 

Graphic Design

Sierra College 2022 


Sierra College 2022

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